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Semi-annual meeting May 17th, , 5 pm- 7pm

Buffalo Room at Frisco County Commons

Food and drinks plus good conversations.


PLEASE RSVP TO:  Leigh Huffstutter


Please come to BAG on Saturday and see the new berm. It is mostly planted for this year, but we still have a couple plants within the garden that would be happy on a xeriscape hill. Several plants in the other beds are in need of deadheading so that we can squeeze out a few more blooms this season.


Saturday, Aug 27, 8:45- noon.


Bring the usual tools, water, sunscreen. Call or text with any questions


Diane Byers


Several times throughout the summer members open their gardens for others to view and exchange ideas.




Upcoming tasks we're doing

  1. Moving plants off the Berm 3 before Town of Breckenridge and HC3.

  2. Moving rocks from the path edges of Berm 3 to other path areas around the garden.  Some have gone missing over the winter.

  3. Deadheading spent blooms on plants.

  4. Staking and tying up the delphiniums

  5.  Removing weeds including native yarrow, grass, fireweed, clover and dandelions.


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